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Actoz is a Filemaker-based tool designed to process, manage, and analyze all types of historical data. Prof. Jean-Pierre Dedieu, an eminent historian of modern Spain and senior research fellow at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), has been developing this instrument over two decades. It is now used by many historians and research groups across Europe, Latin America, and North Africa. A formal network of Actoz users is currently underway. Actoz is the property of CNRS. It is a free collaborative application.

This page will divide into two sections. The first section will provide the pages of the User's Manual for Actoz. The second section will open a space of internal discussions and questions about Actoz. This will help us document the decisions and choices we make as we use Actoz.

Actoz Contents
User's Manual Starting page for Actoz documentation.
China Suites Starting page for China Suites documentation.
Issues & Solutions Contents
WMS Actoz Pages for discussing and solving issues in the WMS Actoz database.
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