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WMS Actoz: Issues & Solutions

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The name of the archival repository must be entered using an acronym: SMA for Shanghai Municipal Archives), followed by the call number of the document (or reference of the folder, box, etc. in which the document can be found), followed by the name of the archival repository between brackets.

Ex. SMA S440-1-12 [Shanghai Municipal Archives] UKNA WO/2345/123 [United Kingdom National Archives]

For practical purposes, we need to establish a list of acronyms for the major archival repositories to maintain consistency within the database. For the CHINA project, please refer to the list below. Feel free to enrich this list :

  • Shanghai Municipal Archives : SMA
  • French Foreign Ministry Archives-Paris : MAEP
  • French Foreign Ministry Archives-Nantes : MAEN
  • French Foreign Ministry Archives-Aix : MAEA
  • U.S. National Archives: NARA
  • British National Archives: UKNA
  • Library of Congress: LOC
  • Nanjing No. 2 Archives: NN2A
  • Beijing No. 1 Archives: BN1A
  • Vanves Jesuit Archives: VJA


Never introduce P1 or P2 Actor identifier directly. An Actor's identifier needs to be created in the main window.

Always fill in genealogy identifier when it is not created automatically. Children are created automatically. Spouses are not created automatically.

The order of entering the family menber into Genealogy

When we add the information of a family, especilly a grand family such as the Song Family(宋家) or the Sheng Family(盛宣怀家族), into the ACTOZ, a problem can't be avoided is the order of the family member entred. Who is the first one to be added and Who is the second, third, etc.?

According to my practical experience, two methods exist to enter the information of a family.

First one

Since the ID. of children is generated automatically, we can firstly add the family member by the relation of 'father-child'. After all of family members who are in the same kinship are added, we can enter the members in the relation of marrige.

The order can be presented as follow:

  • ego-child-grand child-……
  • spouse of ego-spouse of son-……
  • son of daughter
  • spouse of daughter

Second one

We can also enter the family member following generation. The order can be presented as follow:

  • ego-spouse
  • child-spouse of child
  • grand child-spouse of grand child
  • ……

If the second method is selected, we must pay attention to generate the ID. of spouse.



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