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Albums of photographs 圖片圖冊

This page lists the albums created in the photographic collections. This list may be modified and/or enriched over time. It includes the keywords used to collect the pictures from the database and to build the albums. For each album, there is at least one “reference keyword” that MUST be used in connection with any relevant photograph. Each photograph MUST have at least one of these keywords. This list of “reference keywords” will be updated as required.

“Reference keywords” are indicated in black bold letters

[in orange for French keywords, in red for Chinese]

The names of the albums are indicated in blue bold letters

Keywords DO NOT carry capitals, except for proper names in English and acronyms. Please respect the spelling indicated below.

For keywords, use singular only. No plural.

Words between brackets are example of keywords that are automatically retrieved and used to build albums on top of the “reference keywords”.

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