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Online writing: Preparing Essays and Wiki pages

These instructions are for the creation of essays and other text-centric resources. They are not for data-centric resources like short passages of texts stored in a structured format such as a database. VCP has three primary systems for creating essays.

1. Online Editor for Submitting and Editing Essays: this is a Zoho-based online editor ( that is used within the various VCP applications. It is user friendly, and publication is immediate.

See the VCP Online Essay Editor Manual for instructions.

2. Online Wiki: The editor is DokuWiki. It is used chiefly at present for creating and revising online documentation. It is easy to use and all online.

See The DokuWiki Manual for instructions:

English version

Chinese version

3. XML Essay Publication with Offline Preparation of Microsoft Word (MS Word) Documents: Microsoft Word is used for initial preparation of articles, essays, and so forth which will be published using VCP's XML Publishing system. This is the most time consuming system for preparation, but also the one with the most flexible and powerful online presentation.

See our VCP Word to XML Manual for instructions.

For papers in English, use The Chicago Manual of Style, to standardize your use of punctuation and formatting of your article/essay as well as formatting of bibliographical items in the humanities style. Use the print version of The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, the online version or best of all, VCP’s condensed version of the essential points for formatting & bibliographic citations

For papers in Chinese, use (to be developed)

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