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Actoz buttons

Actions Main: green buttons

Upper line:

Nw query

New query: to start a new query in one or several fields

Dict. actors

Dictionary of actors: will open a new window with the list of used up and free actor ID numbers


Gender/Age: Will display actions according to the age and gender of actors

Chron. sort

Chronological sorting: Will sorted in chronological order the selected records


Will display all technical fields [RESERVED TO MANAGERS]


Will set the screen size parameters to 1280 pixels


Will display the selected records in the print layout ready for printing

Lg. text

Longer text: Will switch to the longer display of actions: the text in the action field will fill in the whole field

Action exp.

Action expanded: Will witch to the main expanded layout for all action fields


Action/Grouping: Displays the grouping unit + linked actions, starting from the action layout when there are documents linked to an action.


Will switch to the ballots layout. Displays the ballot subsystem.

Lower line

Twin query

Will launch a query based on relations between two selected actors

Dic. action

Dictionary of action: XXXX

Life cour.

Life course: Will extract the life course of an actor

Alph. sort

Alphabetical sorting: will sort alphabetically the selected records

All fields

Will display all the fields of the database


Will set the screen size parameters to 1400 pixels


Will close the Action Main window


Will display the records with all names filling their respective fields

Twin actors

Will display actions along with P3 and P4 identifiers

Query Owc

Will launch a query on the on-the-way coding field [ADVANCED LEVEL]

Actions Main: orange buttons

Upper line

Group main

Will switch to the main layout for grouping units [XXXX requires explanation]

Source II°

Will switch to the layout for secondary bibliographical sources

Source I°

Will switch to the layout for primary bibliographical sources


Will switch to the geography subsystem [XXXX requires explanation]


NavigoCorpus: Will switch to NavigoCorpus (DISABLED IN THE CHINA DATABASE)


Will switch to the Characters subsystem [XXXX requires explanation]

Lower line


Group/Action: Will display the grouping unit + actions, from the grouping unit [XXXX requires explanation]

New group

Will create a new grouping unit, starting from an event [XXXX requires explanation]

Source ar.

Source archive: Will switch to the layout for primary bibliographical sources


Will switch to the ballots subsystem (ballots in front line) [XXXX requires explanation]


Will switch to the genealogy subsystem


Will open the catalog of informations on nobility (DISABLED IN THE CHINA DATABASE)


Will switch to the main layout for table [XXXX requires explanation; tooltip unclear]

Actions Main: lavender buttons

Upper line:

Cd age

Coding age: Will switch to a layout that displays actions, along with the age of the actor at the time of the action.


Will display a special layout for the upgrading of sources and place fields.


General: Will display all the data fields and coding fields of the database [MANAGERS ONLY]

Lower line:

Perm. cod.

Permanent coding: Will display a specific layout for the permanent coding of actions.

Cd actor

Coding actor: Will display the on-the-way coding layout of actors.

Imp. ext.

Import external data: Will display a layout to enable the import of data from an external source [MANAGERS ONLY].

Actions Main: purple buttons


Will open the Diem, a dictionary of all defined terms, in terms of content, not the technical aspects, in the database.


Will open the chronology of all actions in its current state.

Actions Main: Help button

Will open a window with explanations on the currently opened record window.

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