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Photography in the Field

This area of the toolbox is not yet developed. Topics to cover include:

  Equipment needs
  Offline Cataloging of Images in Media Pro
  Camera manuals
  Taking photographs
  Processing in the field

Equipment Needs

Equipment issues include: camera, storage cards, storage devices for emptying cards while traveling, tripods, and flashes. Digital Cameras

The main decision up front to make in terms of cameras is whether to use “consumer” or “prosumer” cameras. Standard consumer cameras are often small and light, which is ideal for travel and spontaneous photographer. The main drawbacks are that they don't allow interchangeable lens and their picture format is limited to the compressed JPEG format. The JPEG format involves compression so that the image size on the card is smaller, but also the quality of the image is less. For many purposes the image size is perfectly fine, but for publication purposes it may be insufficient.

“Prosumer” cameras will typically allow you to use a variety of camera lens to get close ups, wide angles, and telephoto views. In addition, they allow you to take photos in the RAW format, which is both uncompressed - and thus of higher image quality - and allows for easy post-processing of many aspects of the image. Memory Cards

Either way, any camera is only useful to the degree that you have storage to save photos. All digital cameras save their photos on removable memory cards which can then be easily inserted into a computer for downloading of photos and reuse of the card for new photos. These memory cards come in different formats, which are generally also a different physical size. You must make sure to purchase the type of card used by your camera. In addition, the cards come in widely varying capacities in terms of how many images can be stored.

When traveling, it is best to buy high capacity cards and buy at least two, so that you can be downloading the contents of one and still be using your camera.

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