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The VCP Toolbox presents the tools as well as extensive documentation for their use and development. The toolbox is shared by all the participants and individual cities included in the Virtual Cities Project. Its purpose is to offer a common ground for technical standards as well as best practices in the field of digital humanities. The present toolbox owes a lot to the THL – Tibetan and Himalayan Library – that provided much of the initial content of the VCP Toolbox. We are very grateful for the THL for allowing us to use and adapt their splendid toolbox.

A digital library provides integrated software systems, tools, fonts and documentation to enable users to work with the collections with search and access procedures considerably more powerful than the traditional library. It goes far beyond the limited traditional tools of a library in enabling users to creatively interact with the digital collections and reference materials, as well as generate new user-defined collections for their own private purposes (Read more about our policy of Collaborative Documentation which invites input from all VCP users - contact us at vcp (at) to send contributions or offer to participate more systematically.

Restricted access Contents
Wars made Shanghai Internal documentation for the WMS project.
Restricted access Contents
Virtual Cities Internal documentation for the Virtual Cities project.
Public documents Contents
Actoz User's manual
Suites China Suites
VizStory User's manual
Online writing Guidelines and other resources for submitting essays.
Main Reference Images, maps, bibliography, dictionary, timelines, etc.
Places & Geography Place documentation, GIS, Gazetteer, Tourism, etc.
Fieldwork Issues pertaining to creating content while actually visiting a place/community.
Audio-Video Documentation for the Audio-Visual Collection.
Scanning & OCR Images, texts, journals, etc.
Equipment Guidelines for various equipment, software, furnishings and other items necessary in VCP work.
Fonts & Related issues Fonts, conversion, keyboards, etc.
Licenses, Credit & Review Information on licenses and copyright, credit for contributors, and VCP’s policies on peer review.
Chinese Texts Cataloging, Input, Markup, etc. - To be developed
VCP Research Lab To be developed
Contacts List of who to contact in VCP for follow up on various issues.
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