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Data access & sharing

Access open/public restricted/private

You can decide here to make the record public or ro restrict it to those who have an authentificated access to Virtual Shanghai.


Full reference

This is an automatically built field. It will construct itself after a lapse of time once the server has processed newly created records.


First choose from the scrolling the type of publication or material to be recorded. The record fields will change according to the nature of the publication or material.


Name (family name) and first name of the author. Always reproduce the name and first name as it appears on the publication itself. If you feel you need to supplement the information, use brackets to enter additional information. e.g. Balwin, J. [John]


Title of the publication


Year of current edition

Year of publication:

Year of first publication

Place of publication:

Place of publication: name of the city of publication. If more than one city is indicated in the publication, indicate all with “;” as a separator. e.g. London; New York


Name of the publisher


If the publication is part of a series or collection, indicate here he name of the collection. e.g. Modern Asian Studies; Collection Points, etc.

Number of Pages:

Number of pages as indicated by page numbering


In case of successive edition, indicate here the consulted edition. e.g. 1st, 4th, etc.


Select the language of the publication (or main language) by clicking on the relevant button.


(optional) This field can be used to point to an online version of the publication, its repository or any relevant web site.


Select the field of study from the scrolling menu.


All bibliographical records shall come with keywords. The use of keywords is free, but each record must have at least one of the thematic keywords that serve to build thematic bibliographies.


(optional) When available or possible, add here an abstract of the content.


Open text field for comments, explanations, etc.


Click on the relevant button to select the nature of physical support of the document.

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